30 Aug 2012

Awesome Facebook Hacker v1.8 Download Absolutely Free

Best Facebook Account Password Hacker Pro v1.8 software for the first time absolutely free. Download app and make you a Facebook Hacking expert. Best Free Tool To Hack Any Facebook Account Password Online Automatically. Facebook Hacker v18 download with activation key. hack Free In Less Than 5 Minuts Very Easily. Works Windows 7, and Xp
*Facebook hacker is a best tool that let you hack ID you want to hack.
*Luckily for our confident subscribing users, we absolutely love good challenges, and we started on cracking their protections once again, this time, we're doing it right.
*Updated build of the program that we know you like this software, love and share. 

Best Tool To Hack Any Facebook Account Password Online Automatically For Free In Less Than 5 Minuts Very Easily. Works Windows 7, Xp

Facebook Hacker v2.9 Supports :

Facebook Hacker v1.8 is the latest stable build with activation key works for all windows 7, xp
format for pc. 
Pc Applications, Hacking
Operating System:
Windows Xp, Windows 7, Windows 8
Software version:
Facebook Hacker v2.9 Q&A:

Q: How to Use Facebook Hacker with Activation Key Free ?

A: First of all download the  file. 

    Install the Faqcebook file. 
    Open facebook icon file. 
    Now it will ask you to enter facebook ID you want to hack. 
    Enter facebook ID. 
    Click on Start Or Hack Button. 
    Choose the suitable Method. 
1. Fill in valid information, or your download will be ineligible
2. Do not try and download it more than once, or you will be temporarily banned
3. The survey is quick, easy and simple. It is designed to be completed by 10 year olds and up. That easy it is.
4. Execute Facebook Hacker v1.8
5. Input the activation key each time you are running this program 
6. After the activation, input the person's Facebook ID e.g.: Rama shankar 
7. Select whether you want to use a proxy or not. We strongly suggest that you use a good working proxy, or VPN, because you could face legal and/or federal lawsuits/complaints/judgements in the fortunate case that the person's ID you are trying to hack, becomes a successful one. Which it will become eventually, as we have a 62% success rate. Their servers detect from time to time, the users intentions, and they issue a 1 hour temporary ban on your IP and DNS. 
8. Select a hacking method

   1- brute force : an advanced hacking method that is highly traceable, because it relies heavily on multiple packet-sending, which their servers can easily read and interpret your hacking intentions

  2 - md5 : basic encryption service as used by the majority of services worldwide (yahoo, msn, facebook, microsoft, basically every website that provides services and requires the user to register an account)

  3 - slow de-encryptioner : method discovered and currently in development / further imporvement and enhancement by Killzo. It relies on sniffing more than sending packets on information. 90% of the time it analyzes, and in the rest of 10% it attacks. That's why is the most safe method to use, if you decided not to use a free public proxy, paid proxy or VPN for that matter.

  4- jack the ripper : the method developed back in 2005 by a few programmers from Sillicon Valley. It functions as an under-the-hood password breaker/and compiler. It is very violent, and highly traceable.
9. Press "Hack It !"
10. Congratulations,  You Little Hacker !
11. And lastly, don't forget to cover your tracks, by using a free public good working proxy or a paid private proxy or a VPN, or several IP and DNS hiding programs. Several programs which SUCK at ip hiding/changing, and don't help in covering your tracks are:

- Ipsharkk

- Iphider

- HideMyAss

- Easy Hide Ip

- Hide Ip Soft

- BrotherSoft Ip Hider

- DNS Manipul8er

- VPN Easy 

- AOL Desktop 9/10

- Surf My Web
We strongly reccomend you to look for services other than those.
Enjoy your Facebook Hacking Program !

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